Welcome to Transition!

Help us build a vibrant and resilient society for people and the planet.


Dear Transitioners,

Some of you have asked how you can help others during the COVID. crisis. Here’s how you can help now:

Hundreds of families in East Palo Alto find themselves unable to make April rent and beyond after being laid off due to COVID as hardworking nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, restaurant workers, and other service workers.  So several local groups with deep ties in the affected community have started the #FirstOfTheMonth campaign to help keep at least 150 families in our networks from losing their homes.

100 percent of the funds will go to helping these hardworking families and their children make their next rent payments. To participate, go Live in Peace.org, learn more, and donate generously. And even if you can’t give yourself, please share with your friends so we can raise visibility. If you work for a company with corporate matching (such as Benevity) you can contribute what way. We even have donors who have promised to match at least the first $250,000 we raise, so your contribution will be doubled.

If you have any questions, please email me at barbaraweinstein2@gmail.com.
Let’s all pitch in to strengthen help our neighbors and strengthen our communities!
Stay healthy and safe,

Coming up:

Third Monday each month Inner Transition Hearth & Soul, April 20 – ONLINE THIS MONTH

If you’re interested in this group, please send email to transitionpaloalto@gmail.com.

4th Sundays Sunnyvale Garden Share. April 26, 11am-noon, ONLINE THIS MONTH

If you’re interested in this group, please send email to transitionpaloalto@gmail.com.

Fridays, except fourth Friday Transition Cafe, 6:10-7:45pm, ONLINE THIS MONTH Check your email for details each week.

To get involved, check out these links: 

How to get involved! and What you can do about climate change. And sign up for our spam-free mailing list for information about important activities and events. And want to get in touch? Send a message to transitionpaloalto@gmail.com.

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