Welcome to Transition!

Help us build a vibrant and resilient society for people and the planet.

Dear Transitioners,

Transition Palo Alto stands in support of the statement released by Transition US:

As it says, “We stand with all those who call out for justice and against escalating police violence in our streets…. We at Transition US know we still have a long way to go in becoming the change we want to see in the world, but we are committed to that journey. We invite all members of our network to learn with us, grieve with us, march with us, pray with us, and share your thoughts and opinions with us during this very frightening and painful time.”

Transition Palo Alto’s Steering Committee Members sign on to this letter and share the sentiments of many of our partners who have expressed similar support.

Learn more here: https://nmaahc.si.edu/learn/talking-about-race


“THE STATEMENTS OF SOLIDARITY ARE GOOD, BUT THEY’RE NOT ENOUGH,” said Havstad. “How are these groups’ statements connecting to and translating with the daily work of climate activism and climate leadership? How do they stack up against the strategic direction of the movement? How do they compare to the resources devoted to black communities? I pose these questions just to say the gears aren’t connected at this point. The statements of solidarity and support are not back up yet with significant action. And it’s the next step that has to be taken immediately.” Source.

Stay healthy and safe,

Coming up:

Sun Aug 9 Virtual Share Faire. 1-3:30pm, ONLINE – see details below.

To RSVP, please send email to transitionpaloalto@gmail.com.

Third Monday each month Inner Transition Hearth & Soul, Third Monday – ONLINE THIS MONTH

If you’re interested in this group, please send email to transitionpaloalto@gmail.com.

4th Sundays Sunnyvale Garden Share. Fourth Sunday 11-12, ONLINE/IN PERSON THIS MONTH

If you’re interested in this group, please send email to transitionpaloalto@gmail.com.

To get involved, check out these links: 

How to get involved! and What you can do about climate change. And sign up for our spam-free mailing list for information about important activities and events. And want to get in touch? Send a message to transitionpaloalto@gmail.com.

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