Inner Transition – Group Continues This Month

Monday January 20, 6:30-9:30pm

Session 11: Train
Leon Logothetis
I See You: The Power of Human Connection

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day let us remember together what is possible.

In this session, Leon discusses his incredible journey around the world—one that relied solely on the kindness of others. What these Good Samaritans didn’t know is that as they gave from their hearts, they would be given life-changing gifts. From a sending a homeless man back to school to building a house for a HIV-diagnosed mom in Cambodia, these gifts were Leon’s way of giving back. Leon’s journey will inspire you to recognize your own potential and give back in any way you can. He’ll discuss his long trek out of the corporate world and into the life he was always meant to live: real, raw, rewarding. In this refreshing presentation, you’ll explore:

  • The power of helping someone feel less alone
  • How kindness can change your life forever
  • How you can change the world one kind act at a time

For Third Monday, on January 20, 2020, the plan is 6:30p potluck, 7p viewing of a session of “Sounds True –  Waking Up in the World”, 8:30p Discussion – in Sunnyvale.

To ask any questions, please contact Victoria Event link. 


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