Scaring up community

We didn’t need to scare to make community at the Museum of American Heritage on October 23rd at the Scare Faire and Costume Swap. I’m not sure exactly how many costumes changed hands but most people went away with at least a couple of items, and all the fabric was taken, too! Most of the times I looked over, the crafting station and basketball sorting station were busy with interested kids and adults. We also had time for some deeper conversations and building community, which is what Transition is all about!

Thanks to:

Allison and Wendy at the Museum of American Heritage (MoAH) for their beautiful, inspiring space and so much support and physical help on top of welcoming us here year after year

Kay from Greenwaste for the cool basketball sorting station and goodies, and reminding us that we are here for the larger purpose of cleaning up the planet

Roy, Joyce, Chris, Sarah, and Barbara for their dedication, for sitting at the tables and helping kids with crafts or putting up signs or any of the small tasks that are necessary for an event to happen at all, not to mention their conversation and contagious energy

Fabmo for their fun crafts and materials that were easy and quick to do so that we could not only make ghosts and masks and bats and the Queen of Hearts but also send so much material to places they will be loved instead of languishing in a landfill

Cynthia for bringing much-needed sustenance in the form of nectarines and grapes, and for her interest and conversation

Peter, for his demo of different types of nuts, for doing this with me (can you believe we’ve been doing Costume Swaps since 2011?!) and making it possible to see the bigger picture of a vision of a closer community.

and of course, thank you to all the people who came and shared what they had and took things and chatted and crafted and laughed and reminded us that we are not alone.

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