Scare Faire and Costume Swap October 23

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The Scare Faire is haunting the Museum of American Heritage again, full of spooky goodness – on Sunday, October 23rd, 1-3pm. 

Old costumes lurking? Send them packing to possess a new home in our Costume Swap. Bring your adult and child costumes in good condition (as well as Halloween decorations) right at 1pm, get a number, and start choosing costumes at 1:20!

Bring your old costumes at 1:00.  We’ll give you a sequential number.  At 1:20, we’ll call numbers, starting with 1, to let people in to look for new costumes.  Every few minutes we’ll let in people with the next few numbers. When all of the numbers are exhausted, we’ll open the room to share the remaining costumes with whomever is there.

While you’re waiting, check out our Scare Faire – a traditional Transition Palo Alto Share Faire with some Halloween twists.  Learn a skill, find something in need of a home, meet your neighbors, have some fun.

We’ll once again haunt the bewitching Museum of American Heritage with our Halloween and Holiday Scare Faire, a chance to get to know your ghastly neighbors, scare, and share.

Some of the fun activities we have planned:

  • Peter Ruddock will share a chance to check out some interesting foods
  • Make your own Costume with repurposed materials from Fabmo – and pick the best ones!
  • Sort trash with a basketball game from Greenwaste
  • Make masks and other Crafts with more salvaged materials from Fabmo
  • more to come…

    So scare up your own costumes and halloween decor to bring!

    And we’ll share each other’s good company while building a BOOtiful, stronger community.

    Please plan to join us.  If you’d like to volunteer as a greeter, for set-up or clean-up, or for whatever, please sign up at

    Free, donations appreciated.

    Want to learn more about our Sharing Events? More info here. 


    3 thoughts on “Scare Faire and Costume Swap October 23

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    3. Wonderful idea!!! We need to recycle, upcycle, etc. Saw on TV mountains of discarded clothing in some 3rd world country (can’t remember which) with people scavenging for clothes. Problem is all of the synthetics which are not biodegradable! I shop for clothes at thrift stores and then donate them back to Savers in Redwood City when I tire of them. If they don’t sell, Savers bundles them up and they ship them somewhere, but I don’t know where. Also, I consign. New consignment store in Menlo Park called Repeter at 1142 Chestnut Lane, which started in Los Altos.

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