How to get involved!

For inspiration to get involved in this pivotal year, here are some ideas and organizations that Transitioners have suggested in the key areas of climate, democracy, social justice, and community building. If you have other ideas, please let us know by writing to


  • For events and actions related to climate change, check out the 350 Silicon Valley website.
  • Citizens Climate Lobby is taking a focus approach to climate policy, pushing specifically for a carbon fee and dividend to encourage a shift away from fossil fuels. Check them out here.
  • Acterra is a non-profit environmental education-and-action organization that brings people together to create solutions for a healthy planet. The organization focuses on local action to address current environmental problems, including energy and climate change, corporate sustainability, and advocacy to build an informed and empowered citizenry. Check them out here here.


  • On a personal level, you can VOTE, and encourage everyone you know to register and vote as well. There’s much at stake. For local, non-partisan democracy events, activities, and endorsements, check out the local chapter of the League of Women Voters.
  • You can also support legislation that speaks to you. See “Living Seasonally” in this issue for Peter Ruddock’s note about the California Seed Exchange Democracy Act.
  • The California Clean Money Campaign has been working for years to clean up California politics. Current efforts are focused on the Voters Right to Know Act, which would require the top three actual funders of campaign ads to be identified. Learn more and get involved here.
  • Move to Amend is promoting a 28th amendment to the US constitution to affirm that money is not equivalent to speech, and that corporations don’t have the inherent constitutional rights of people. Check out the efforts of the local chapter here.

Local environmental action

  • Grassroots Ecology leverages the power of community volunteers to create healthy ecosystems across Silicon Valley, from the foothills to San Francisco Bay. They restore native plants to open spaces and neighborhoods, steward creeks and watersheds, and provide nature education in the classroom and in the field. Check them out here.

Social Justice

  • Based in San Jose, Human Agenda works for social justice solutions locally. Learn more about their projects and events here.
  • The Peninsula Peace and Justice Center hosts events and publicizes issues related to social justice.  
  • A new cold weather homeless shelter has been started in Sunnyvale. Click here to learn more about helping homeless people locally.

Community Building

  • You can acquainted with your neighbors, by hosting a block party, joining your neighborhood association, or signing up for a local social networking application like NextDoor.
  • If you were at the Transition holiday party in December, you’ll remember the presentation about Avendias, and the range of services offered for seniors and their families. 
  • Help out at the farm! Full Circle Farm has ongoing volunteer opportunities, which you can learn about at on their website.

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