Be a Drop in the Bucket

Herb Moore lives music – and cares about water. To call attention to both, he’s organizing a “rain herbjarsorchestra” that will create a simulated rainstorm to highlight the importance of water.

— What you can do as a single individual might seem insignificant to you (single drop), but drops together can fill a bucket or make a rain shower.

— A video of the simulated rainstorm will be a springboard to focus awareness on what we as individuals and community can do about challenges we currently face re water.

You’re invited to participate! You don’t need any musical training. Here’s a video snippet of the concept:

The final performance will be at lunch time on March 22 (World Water Day) at a park near downtown Palo Alto (park TBD).

There will be a couple of “rehearsals” beforehand World Water Day to show the concept. Next rehearsal: Next rehearsal time Friday March 8, 12:30pm, Heritage Park, Palo Alto (map)

Please let Herb know if you plan to participate, so he can bring enough ‘instruments.’ (


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