Two-Day Introduction to Suburban Permaculture

Saturday & Sunday, April 13 & 14, 2013
Common Ground Organic Garden Supply & Education Center
10:30 – 4:00+
Register online

Learn how to create a sustainable future in your suburban backyard and beyond. A central theme in Permaculture is the design of regenerative and ecological landscapes that produce food. Emphasis is placed on multi-use plants, cultural practices such as sheet mulching and trellising, and the integration of animals to recycle nutrients and graze “weeds.” Permaculture entails more than just food production. Energy-efficient buildings, waste-water treatment, and land stewardship in general are other important components of Permaculture. Design concepts are applicable to urban, suburban, and rural settings, and are appropriate for single households as well as whole farms and villages. In this 2-day course you will learn the ethics, principles and holistic design process practiced in Permaculture. Plus, participants will take part in hands-on Permaculture projects at local sites to put theory into practice.

Drew is an edible-garden and Permaculture consultant, the manager of Jesse Cool’s Seeds of Change Garden and the former Common Ground Garden Manager. Susan is a suburban Permaculturalist who enjoys cultivating her own backyard mini-farm. She is also an avid compost tea brewer whose passion is creating biologically active soil.


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