New Economy Transition – what’s up for the April meeting

New Economy Transition (NET) is the group that formed after Marco Vangelisti’s Essential Knowledge for Transition talks last fall on money, economy, and investment. The group has started to look at changes that each of us can make in our own lives, as well as other efforts to move away from business-as-usual.

This is the line-up for the April 20 meeting. All are welcome, whether you’ve attended before or not!

  • Evelyn Rodriguez, founding member of the brand-new Alternative Economies Alliance, will host a segment on decentralized, distributed structures and models  that generate economic vibrancy for the collective through more democratic engagement, participation, and shared stake in ownership. We are all more familiar with centralized forms of economies which tend to concentrate wealth, voice and power to the top few of a pyramid–yet they are only one option. Examples and stories vary from the longevity studies in Okinawa that highlighted economic and friendship roundtables to an upcoming municipal bond issuer that makes it viable for an ordinary citizen to know about and buy a single $20 bond in his own backyard for a local recreational park to a rideshare company that shares its equity with its drivers. We’ll also discuss how cryptocurrency and crypto-equity, local currencies, crowdfunding, time bank/exchanges, worker and member cooperatives and such can help expand prosperity.
  • Roy Kornbluh will speak briefly about moving mortgages from the big banks and about how lending institutions often buy and sell them.

March 20, 2-4pm
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City
2124 Brewster, Redwood City


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