A Sad Farewell to Full Circle Farm

For the past 10 years, Full Circle Farm has welcomed the South Bay community back to the land. Through the annual summer camp and school programs, thousands of children have learned about the natural world, exercised the their bodies and minds, and enjoyed the delicious results. People of all ages have rolled up their sleeves to help plant, weed, and harvest, take care of the chickens, or just come out for some time in the sun.

Transition Palo Alto has partnered with the farm for the Sunnyvale Garden Share and many other events, including a Slow Money Farm Fest and several Earth Day celebrations, which together have attracted many thousands of people. 

So it’s with great sadness that we report that unless something happens to change the situation, the farm will close within the next few months. The Santa Clara Unified School District decided not to renew the farm’s lease, so the farm is due to close. The farm’s board of directors and parent organization Sustainable Community Gardens tried to work closely with the district to meet all of its requests and requirements, but ultimately, the district decided they did not want to renew the lease.


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