The Magic of Seeds

April Fourth Friday explored the magic of seeds, the grave threats they face, and the heroic efforts of seed enthusiasts to find, save, and share them for the benefit of life on earth. Attendees were treated to the compelling and visually stunning film – Seed: the Untold Story. Afterwards, organic farmer Grant Brians shared some of his organic farming experiences and displayed a variety of seeds.

Here’s what you can to do help.

Avoid buying GMO foods. We learned that the practices of Monsanto and other GMO seed Goliaths are destroying farmers who can no longer save seeds from year to year, but are forced to buy each year at exorbitant prices. And airborne seeds from GMO fields are contaminating neighboring organic fields, Buying organic and local are the best ways to say no to this system. Lots of websites have additional suggestions – here are a couple to check out:  Non GMO Foods (How to Avoid GMO Foods for Real), and How to avoid GMOs when you’re on a budget.

Help save endangered seeds. Hillie Salo from Silicon Valley Grows picks an endangered seed each year and asks for community involvement to increase the supply. Learn more at Silicon Valley Grows and from Slow Food South Bay.

March Against Monsanto. Join the March against Monsanto in San Jose on May 20.

Participate in seed share events. These seed share events are on tap for this year:

  • Sunday, July 23, 11am, Full Circle Farm/Sunnyvale
  • Saturday, October 14, 1pm, Rancho Rinconada/Cupertino

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