Garden Bed Raising

Intrigued by the idea of Hugelkultur raised garden beds, Transitioners from Book Group 6 got together October 21 for a old-fashioned garden bed raising at Emily Rosen’s Greenwave community in East Palo Alto. 

The idea is to create a mound with a rich mix of organic material that requires little irrigation.

We started by digging a trench with mounds of dirt on both sides.

Then we added kitchen scraps, then green clippings,

Piled on old rotting logs, added leaves, raked the dirt back on,

And then put straw on as the icing.

Then finally, all relaxed with a picnic!

Thanks to Emily for hosting and to William for leading the effort.

If you’d like to learn more about Hugelkultur, here’s a good link: And to be included in future reskilling activities, go to and sign up for the group.


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