Next Craft swap

Our third craft swap will be on Sunday, July 17 1-3pm at Opalz in Midtown Palo Alto. Please rsvp to rani: bacraftswap at gmail dot com if you’ll be coming!

Click here for more info on the craft swap, and information about previous swaps. Please share the information with crafters, artists, teachers, families, and others who may have or need supplies. Feel free to post the flyer:

Craft swap 3

Local Garden Share

Neighbors Sharing Food/Flowers/Herbs from their Gardens

Sunday, May 22, 11 AM – Noon  FREE !

Common Ground Garden Supply & Education Center
559 College Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306

The first local Garden Swap was held August 21,2010, with people coming together to share produce, chat and get to know one another. Four other events followed where home gardeners met for a free exchange of garden bounty. Here is one guest’s rave review: “What a great event, like a free farmers’ market – grapes and raspberries and oranges and two types of apples, sage and oregano and rosemary and thyme, sorrel and a plethora of tomatoes, seeds to save and plant, and some beautiful flowers. Thank you!” – Rani

Sunday, May 22 will be the kick off event for the 2011 season.

Join us to share garden bounty. Bring what you have to share; take home something you don t.  Think of it as a free backyard farmers market.  (And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, the California Ave. Farmer’s Market is happening concurrently.)

Bring your homegrown fruit, vegetables, eggs, herbs, honey, flowers, seeds, & plant seedlings!

Throughout the Bay Area, neighbors are coming together for sharing locally grown, fresh produce. Our Palo Alto sharing event is supported by a coalition of community ecological organizations and neighborhood groups including: Acterra, Barron Park Green Team, Barron Park Garden Network, Barron Park Assn., Common Ground Garden Supply & Education Center, City of Palo Alto Community Gardens, Slow Food South Bay, and Transition Palo Alto.

“Profiles of Vision and Hope” blog

Rani created a blog, “Profiles of Vision and Hope“, to allow local people to write about what they have done to lower carbon footprints or to build local resilience.  Let’s share how we are making the transition to an energy-lean, but more connected and less stressful, healthier and happier way of life!

“This is a place where you, residents of Palo Alto and surrounding communities, can tell your stories – how you came to learn about peak oil, climate change, or Transition, how these have affected you in your daily life, the struggles you are undergoing or have overcome, or your visions for the future.”

Rani will add contributors and manage submissions. As it grows, I expect she will add categories and possibly other features—send ideas her way (using the form on the blog’s home page)!

Take the Drive Less Challenge! Get your bike a free tune-up.

Take the 2011 Drive Less Challenge! April 22 – May 5th, 2011

The Drive Less Challenge is a fun way to try alternatives to driving your car to work, school, shopping and other local places. Walking, biking and taking transit instead of driving are great ways to live healthy and reduce car traffic, the largest source of CO2 emissions in the Bay Area!

Sign up at to use a game-like trip log, share your stories, and to join the Transition Palo Alto group. You can join and also form your own additional groups – friends, co-workers, neighbors, and others – to compete for fun and for prize gift certificates from local shops.

The Drive Less Challenge is an innovative, grassroots movement that encourages people to use alternatives to solo driving as a way to live healthier, do more local shopping, and reduce car traffic and CO2 emissions. To volunteer or sponsor please contact drivelesschallenge at gmail dot com

See you out there walking, biking, on the bus or train!

If you do any biking (or want to), get your bike a free tune-up at Mike’s Bikes! More info …

Free Maintenance Clinics

Mike’s Bikes is here to teach you how to fix, maintain, and improve your bike – every Wednesday night, for free! All you need to bring is your bike and your questions. Our expert mechanics will provide you with hands-on instruction on just about anything you want to know.

Wednesdays at 6pm
Mike’s Bikes
3001 El Camino Real @ Olive Ave.

Learning how to fix your own bike will not only save you money, but will also empower you to tune and troubleshoot your bike out on the road or trail.

Every Wednesday night, we’ll provide participant-determined, hands-on instruction on common maintenance topics such as:

  • Fix a flat
  • Tune your shifters, derailleurs, and brakes
  • Fix a broken chain
  • Install accessories
  • Adjust your bike to better fit your body
  • Swap out worn components

And more (participant-determined)


The second-ever Transition Palo Alto Craft Swap took place in Palo Alto this time, upstairs at the lovely Opal’z store, filled with the fragrance of essential oils and soap. We arrived, arms full, and set up on the U-shaped tables. People arrived early, helped sort things into the categories. We found that there were lots of things that didn’t fit into the regular categories, and lots of things that already looked interesting.

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Grand Boulevard Initiative

Envisioning the Future of El Camino Real

Speakers from VTA, Strategic Economics, and ReConnecting America discuss:

  • Bus Rapid Transit along El Camino Real
  • Economic and environmental impacts of clustering jobs and homes on a transportation corridor
  • Successful corridor development

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
7- 8:30 PM
Sunnyvale City Hall
City Council Chambers
456 W. Olive Avenue

Sponsored by the American Planners Association of Northern California, Strategic Economics, VTA, ReConnecting America, Sunnyvale Cool, Urban Habitat, the City of Sunnyvale, Greenbelt Alliance and the Grand Boulevard Initiative El Camino Real.

Craft Swap March 27, 2011 1-3pm

Are you a crafter or artist with pack-rat tendencies? Now is the time to come clean, and clean up!

One person’s trash is another’s treasure, so help reduce waste and share with your neighbors at the 2nd ever Craft Swap.

Join the fun at:

Opal’z of Palo Alto

719 Colorado Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94303


Sunday, March 27

For details about what to bring and how it works, click here. Let us know what you’re bringing by emailing rani at b a c r a f t s w a p (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m.

Bring your friends! Share or post our flyer:

Craft swap March 27 1-3pm

Conversation, Community, and Calling workshop

Transition Palo Alto’s “Conversation, Community and Calling” workshop continues, welcoming new participants.  Admission is open and free.

Saving the planet means creating a caring culture.  Social ties are central to health, happiness, and civic life.  Yet our frantic, distracted culture makes it difficult to maintain and deepen social connections.  Trust and civil discourse are in decline.

Based on the practice of good, effective conversation, in this workshop we examine how you can use conversation and community to follow your calling and advance your vision of cultural change.

Join us alternate Tuesdays starting March 1:  6:45 – 9 PM.

World Centric, 2121 Staunton Court
Palo Alto, CA 94306

TPA Newsletter for Feb 26

Coming Events

FREE GROUP WORKSHOPS: “Conversation, Community, and Calling” – March 1

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