Fourth Friday/Films of Vision and Hope April 28 – Seed: The Untold Story

Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshiped and treasured since the dawn of humankind. SEED: The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy. In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds,farmers, scientists, lawyers, and indigenous seed keepers fight a David and Goliath battle to defend the future of our food. In a harrowing and heartening story, these reluctant heroes rekindle a lost connection to our most treasured resource and revive a culture connected to seeds. 

Seed the untold story

Friday April 28, 7:30-9:30pm
Fireside Room, Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
505 E. Charleston, Palo Alto

From Sea to Table

Fourth Friday attendees were treated to “Of the Sea,” a captivating, up-close look at the lives of people who make their living fishing off the California Coast.

Filmmaker Mischa Hedges described his motivation and experiences making the film, which profiles people who work tirelessly at sea to support their families, while also supporting efforts to sustain local fisheries for the next generation.

All of us can support the effort by making conscious decisions when buying seafood:

  • Follow guidelines, such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines, which are available in print and as a smartphone app.
  • Purchase from local sources, whenever possible. Ask your seafood purveyor where the seafood comes from, and let them know that it matters to you.
  • Join a CSF (Community Supported Fish), such as Real Good Fish.

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Laugh therapy

Chris Selberg lead the Hearth and Soul group in a evening of Laughing Yoga March 20. As participants found, just the act of laughing (whether you’re reacting to something funny or not) gets the circulation flowing and raises the spirits.

Next month (April 17), Roy Kornbluh will be leading Hearth and Soulers in an evening of improvisation.  Newcomers of all ages are always welcome. For more information, please contact

Hearth and Soul was formed to create a safe and supportive home for self-exploration, finding common ground, mutual support – and FUN.

March 26 Share Faire

The Fermentation Share Faire is being postponed. Look for it a bit later in the year.

Instead, this Sunday March 26 we’ll have a smaller Spring Share Faire 1:00 to 3:00 PM at Cubberley Community Center in rooms A-6 and A-7.  We’ll have:

Good Share – bring your gently used goods to share with your neighbors – books, clothes, kitchen ware, games and toys and more.  Please be prepared to bring home that which does not find a new owner.

Garden Share – bring the produce of your garden, or the excess production tools of your garden, or anything remotely related to your garden to share with your fellow gardeners

Craftivism – we will create some new signage in the form of A-frames for use in future Share Faires.  Please bring scrap wood, tools, screws and nails, if you have them.  We will also work on creating material for the Transition Palo Alto table, most recently seen at Canopy’s Arbor Day Festival and soon to be seen at the Palo Alto May Fete, among other places.

You Share – bring yourself and share yourself with your neighbors.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Mar 24 Fourth Friday/Films of Vision and Hope – Of the Sea, with filmmaker

The new documentary, Of The Sea, brings a local Santa Cruz angle to the challenges and opportunities of a fishing industry hoping to balance jobs and environmental sustainability. “The industry isn’t dying, it’s changing,” according to filmmaker Mischa Hedges, who will lead a Q&A session following the South Bay Premiere of the film at our March Fourth Friday.

Mischa adds, “Our main goal for the film is to reconnect people who eat seafood with the places and people who catch it, and hopefully get some conversations started about local seafood.”

Don’t miss this delicious opportunity to dive in and learn about our local fisheries and how dedicated folks are working to help them thrive, and to find out how you can help support them.

Co-sponsored by Slow Food South Bay

Friday March 24, 7:30-9:30pm
Fireside Room, Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto,
505 E. Charleston, Palo Alto

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Citrus fun!

It was non-stop marmalade at the Fun with Citrus party. Many thanks to all who helped cut, squish, stir, and pour! And special thanks to chief chef Peter Ruddock for making it all happen.

Did you know that the processed citrus pith (the white part inside the peel) makes a lovely lotion?

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