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We’re part of a world-wide grassroots movement to build local resilience and connections close to home. Since 2010, we’ve been mounting creative and thoughtful responses to the challenges of resource depletion, climate change, and economic instability. Help us unleash the power and creative genius of people and communities to create a vibrant future for generations to come.

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Coming up:

  • Fourth Friday/Films of Vision and Hope – February 27 – Transportation continued – Bus Rapid Transit plus more. Check this  space in early February for details.

  • Garden and produce shares:
  • Second Sunday of each month. Location TBD
    Fourth Sunday of each month, 11am-12, Full Circle Farm, 1055 Dunford Way, Sunnyvale, CA (map)
  • Transition Cafes are also happening almost every week. For info, sign up for the Transition Palo Alto mailing list, and you’ll get the weekly notices. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/transitionpaloalto/ to sign up.

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Crafting kicks off for the year

Craft nights for 2015 kicked off on January 27. Plenty of visiting, plus painting and collages made from old magazines and other almost-discarded stuff. Craft nights will be held roughly once a month – check your Transition Palo Alto email for details.

Telling our stories – State of the Union story circles

When have you felt true belonging—or the opposite—in this country or in your community? Have you had an experience that showed you something new or important about the state of our union? Is there a time you stood together with people in your community? These questions were answered with tears and laughter at the State of the Union story circle hosted by Fools Mission and Transition Palo Alto on Sunday Jan 25 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City.

The group included both recent immigrants and native born Americans. Each person shared a brief personal story that reflected on one of the questions. A common thread among the immigrants was coming to this country for a better life for themselves and their children. One woman spoke of her young daughter, recently diagnosed with diabetes, and how it is much easier for her to care for her daughter in the US. Another young woman spoke of her struggles to get an education in Mexico, and how blessed she feels to be in this country, where she has a better chance of getting an education. Others spoke of the violence in Ferguson and elsewhere, and the need for each of us to examine our own complicated feeling and actions.

A second story circle was held on January 28 in Los Altos, with young people emerging as a common theme. Mary Jane expressed sorrow about the recent suicide of a Gunn high school student. By contrast, William spoke of his work as a teacher and the joys of connecting with groups of middle school and high school students. And Vickie, a former English teacher, spoke about the memoirs that her students wrote and how moving they could be.

Stories from around the country have been uploaded to a central website, and are being combined into a poetic “People’s State of the Union” address. More details to follow…

The stories circles are sponsored by the US Department of Art and Culture, an independent organization that promotes art and culture as a way to promote social change. For more information, go to http://peoplesstateoftheunion.usdac.us/.

Better than Poop

On January 23, Fourth Friday/Films of Vision and Hope hosted the official West Coast premiere of Worse than Poop, a wonderful animated short video about CO2 pollution and climate change. Filmmaker Vanessa Warheit and the learned and loquacious Professor Elliot described the making of the film and fielded questions from the audience. The Professor was forthcoming on all topics related to the film, electric vehicles, and climate change, though he did sidestep the question of his possible secret life as a superhero. For more information about the video, go to worsethanpoop.com.

A second short film “London: the Price of Traffic,” got everyone thinking about green transportation solutions, and a spirited conversation followed with observations ranging from the need for more charging stations to the problem of helmet hair when you’re commuting to work by bicycle.

All in all, a much better-than-poop evening.

January 4th Friday/Films of Vision and Hope – Worse than Poop plus London: The Price of Traffic

As the Peninsula grapples with how to address traffic congestion and rising carbon emissions from transportation, these two short films shed light on the problems posed by car traffic in an increasingly congested urban world. From an animated universe in which cars ‘poop out’ their CO2, to the mega-city of London where planners challenge the notion that cities should be designed for cars – these films will provide a fun and inspiring way to look at our traffic problems, and consider some radical solutions. Discussion to follow.

worse than poop]

Worse Than Poop! (starring UUCPA’s very own Professor Elliot), with filmmaker Vanessa Warheit
e2 transport – London: the Price of Traffic

Friday January 23
7:30pm (come at 7:15 for social time)
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto Fireside Room
505 E Charleston Rd, Palo Alto, CA 

All ages welcome
$5 recommended donation – no one turned away for lack of funds

Transition Cafe – Privilege and Transition

Glimpse of a Transition Cafe…

What is Privilege?  Who has it?  Who does not?  Is it solely economic, or are there other factors?  Is it inherently a bad thing, or can it be used for the benefit of all?  Is “using it for the benefit of all” just a rationalization of those who have it?  Is pointing to someone else’s Privilege, however you define it, a rationalization for inaction? Transition is often painted with that same “Privileged” brush.  Does that mean we are working to solve the problem, or that we are not?  Or both?

Many perspectives shared, and much food for thought!

Thanks to William Mutch who hosts the Transition Cafe and has done a masterful job selecting a different topic each week.


Decorations and crafts at the Y

On December 20, Transition Palo Alto partnered with the Ross Rd Family YMCA again to bring the spirit of sharing and fun to the holidays. Folks exchanged decorations of all kinds, and kids flocked to the craft table to make wrapping paper, button strings and other cool stuff.

Ringing in the holidays

The rainy night was a good one for being inside to celebrate and reflect. Folks enjoyed good food and company, took turns telling what the holiday spirit means to them, and watched and discussed the film Forest Man.